Water Filter Pitcher

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Designed to look stunning on your table and fit perfectly in your fridge. This pitcher holds 6-cups of crisp, refreshing filtered water.

  • Made of shatterproof, BPA-free plastic with a sustainable bamboo handle
  • Hand Wash
  • Each pitcher comes with 1 filter, additional filters sold separately 
  • Filter reduces chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc and cadmium
  • Additional filter packs, each pack contains 2 filters
    • Through the power of activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal, the filter protects your water from chlorine, mercury, zinc, cadmium, copper, and other unwanted tastes or odors
    • Made from 60% plant-based and renewable materials, which means a lower carbon footprint.
    • Filter life: 40 gallons, ~ 2 months



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