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  • Modern Stoneware Measuring Cups
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  • Eco-Friendly Food Wraps
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  • Stoneware Tea Mug
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  • Swedish Dish Cloths - BUY 5 GET 1 FREE
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  • Mini Produce Colanders
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  • Swedish Dry Mat + Dish Towel
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What our customers love

Reusable Bowl Covers

These bowl covers are amazing! They keep food fresh and I can just toss them in the washing machine after use. The two sizes make it easy to cover almost any size (even half a watermelon!)


Fresh Paper Produce Savers

Love these sheets!! These little sheets are great! I love that they keep my produce fresh longer, especially berries, which saves me money in the long run. Also appreciate that they’re recyclable and made of organic materials


Modern Measuring Cups

These look so perfect on my open shelves in my kitchen. I love the look and design of them so much! Its so handy that they have a spout to pour too! I’m so glad I have these- so cute snd so functional all at the same time.


Stoneware Tea Mug

Cute and practical home goods with fast shipping!


Market Tote

Nice and roomie!I LOVE this tote so much because how wide it opens up! Most totes are so narrow it’s hard to fit anything in them. But not this one! Plus it’s cute design goes with everything! Would definitely recommend :)